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The data controller for the information you submit is UMi Commercial Limited, registered in England & Wales, No. 07227157, and trading as UMi (parent company: UMi Holdings Limited, registered in England & Wales, No. 06969972).


You can read UMi's full privacy statement here -


We will use the information that you have provided for the following legitimate reasons:

  • to administer your event registration and keep you up to date about arrangements for the event, including details for next year (where applicable);

  • to manage your attendance on the day through registration, virtual portal, badge printing, session tracking and in the event app (where applicable);

  • to manage our relationship with you and for customer satisfaction monitoring and evaluation;

  • to assist with record-keeping, statistical and research purposes, and statutory purposes;

  • to inform you of other services, in accordance with the choices you have made. ​


We will also share your information with Tees Valley Business and any other organisation you request for us to do so when registering for the event. ​


Our events management system, EventsAIR is hosted within the EU, which means that your personal data complies with European data protection law and your information is protected. We will store your information for as long as we have a relationship with you, or as long as required for audit purposes by our funders. ​


Your rights


You may be able to obtain a copy of your personal data by contacting UMi – for details on how to do this and to learn about your other rights, please see UMi's full privacy statement. -


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