Using Lead Management

Once configured, your exhibitors are ready to start using Lead Management at their stands. Lead Management displays on either the standard Attendee Mobile App, or a dedicated Mobile Attendee App you've created just for your exhibitors. In either scenario, the Scan Leads and View Leads options will only display if the exhibitor using the app is assigned to a stand that has Lead Management enabled.

  • Log in to the Attendee App - all booth personnel will use the login name and password of the primary contact person who purchased the booth. There is no limit to the number of personnel who are able to log in to the app.

  • Select Scan Leads - this puts the attendee app into scan mode, so it is ready to either scan a bar code/QR code, or enter the name of the visiting attendee.

  • Scan the Attendee Badge - select Scan Lead to use your device's camera to scan the attendee's bar code or QR code. Alternately, you can enter in part or all of the attendee name to manually search for the attendee. When an attendee visits a stand, the exhibitor will use their mobile attendee app to directly scan the attendee's bar code or QR code, or enter their name for a manual search.

  • Answer Profile Questions - when the contact's details are displayed, the exhibitor will be able to directly enter answers to the profile questions (if enabled by the exhibitor).


Reviewing Collected Leads

During the exhibition or afterwards, your exhibitors will be able to review collected leads by selecting View Leads from the Mobile Attendee App, or from the Exhibitor Portal. When viewing from the Exhibitor Portal, you are also able to export your leads to an Excel Spreadsheet for further sales follow-up.


Current Leads in the Exhibitor Portal

The Exhibitor Portal lets you (from any location) view a list of leads collected at your booth or stand. Options include:

  • Attendee Detail - clicking on the name of each attendee will display a detail view that includes responses to profile questions, and the date/time the attendee visited your booth or stand

  • Export - selecting Export will generate a spreadsheet with all information collected on attendees visiting your booth or stand

  • Map - selecting Map will display a world-wide map with geographic indicators for every visitor to your booth or stand

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