This year we will have presentations across two days (14th-15th October 09:00-13:00) from partners such as Tees Valley Business on local issues and support. Alongside that we will have some of the best regional and national experts teaching delegates a range of skills and offering tips on everything from sales and marketing to finance, funding and international trade.


More details wil be announced shortly. Register your FREE place to attend the Tees Valley Business Summit and keep checking back for updates on the programme for the day!

If you are interested in speaking at this year's event, please get in touch.

Speakers confirmed.

Business Support & Finance (Various)

Tees Valley Business

Various - TBA

How to Create a 24/7 Customer Lifecycle Marketing Strategy

Darren Winter - Duco Digital

Learn about customer lifecycle marketing which is your customer's journey in relation to your business. 


Learn how to maximise your customers interest, engagement, purchase, and advocacy phases with action points you can easily implement in your business.

Local Support & News (Various)

Tees Valley Combined Authority

Various - TBA

Leading your Business Through Change

Sarah Callender - Duo Global Consulting

In these unprecedented times it has never been more important to understand the behavior of your company, yourself and your team.


Find out how businesses can support remote workers and maximise productivity by understanding and managing different behavior within a business.

We Are Forever Blowing Bubbles

Carol Metcalfe - Enterprise Made Simple (NEEAL Member)

With all of the talk of bubbles, we often haven't realised that these bubbles exist in all of our walks of life.


Utilising those bubbles to come up with ideas is a perfect way to find the solution to the sort of business you should be starting and more to the point, a starting off point to the market research you should be undertaking.


This workshop discusses ways of utilising market research to build upon ideas and opportunities to start a new business or to diversify a current business.

Contagious Content

Charlotte Nichols - Harvey & Hugo

Play the virus at its own game and learn how to create contagious content that your audience can’t help but share.


This seminar will help you learn PR and marketing techniques to ensure your brand is front of mind in the ‘new normal’.

Funnelling a Digital Solution to Growing Our Business

Phil Teasdale - Enterprise Made Simple (NEEAL Member)

There used to be a choice about offering a digital solution, this is no longer a choice but a necessity.


There is no business that cannot offer a digital solution to any aspect, whether that is managing and making the most of data, utilising social media and populating a digital sales funnel.


This session will cover a number of digital opportunities and look to inform from a business start, growth and sustainability basis, free methods of digitising a businesses offering for a post Covid world.

Making the most of PR

Peter Ibbetson - JournoLink

Learn the ways in which businesses can raise brand profile through effective PR.

Find out how to generate great PR through the use of customer personas, strategic objectives, meaningful massaging and effective brand storytelling. At a time when PR and brand awareness has never been more important, you won't want to miss this.


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