This year we will have presentations across two days (14th-15th October 09:00-13:00) from partners such as Tees Valley Business on local issues and support. Alongside that we will have some of the best regional and national experts teaching delegates a range of skills and offering tips on everything from sales and marketing to finance, funding and international trade.


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Wednesday 14th October


Opening Address

Paul Booth - Tees Valley Local Enterprise Partnership

Paul Booth, Chair of the Tees Valley Local Enterprise Partnership will welcome attendees to the Summit giving details about various local initiatives and opportunities delegates will hear about over the next two days.

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Teesside Taking Off: An Update on our Airport

Phil Forster - Teesside International Airport

2020 has been an unprecedented year for the holiday and travel industry, which has been dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Before the pandemic, and since coming back into public ownership in 2019, Teesside International was growing in strength, with passenger numbers on the KLM – Amsterdam route at record high and deals being struck with Eastern Airways for new routes to London, Dublin, Belfast, Southampton and Newquay.


After a temporary closure, the airport has come back stronger, with the announcement of the new Heathrow route, the arrival of Willis Asset Management and a significant overhaul of the airport’s security and arrivals areas.


Hear from Commercial Director Phil Forster, who will update you on the progress made to date and the opportunities that are available at the airport post-COVID-19.

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Teesworks: The UK’s Largest Industrial Zone

Chris Harrison - Teesworks

Renamed from the South Tees Development Corporation in July this year, Teesworks is the UK’s largest and best-connected industrial zone.


This session will take through the latest updates on the site, including the jobs being created in the demolition and construction stage of the development and the opportunities that will be available to local businesses and suppliers.


You can also find out how, through the Teesworks Skills Academy, local people will be equipped to fill the jobs being created on site and how the recently created Teesworks Heritage Taskforce will help preserve the history of the site.

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A Quick Start Guide to Coaching for Leaders

Matt Somers - Coaching Skills & Training

Covid 19 and the lockdown have thrown up some novel leadership problems :

* Never before seen business challenges (for which prior experience is no help)

* Leading remotely

* Communicating across new and strange platforms.

Many of the leaders I speak to recognise that being able to coach their staff would help meet these challenges but they now have no time or budget to get trained!

My webinar will set out a solution – a way of adopting coaching with just five key questions and in conversations lasting just a few minutes.

I look forward to meeting you on the day.


Creating Viral Content

Charlotte Nichols - Harvey & Hugo

Learn how to create content that your audience can’t help but share to cut through the noise.


This seminar will help you learn PR and marketing techniques to ensure your brand is front of mind in the ‘new normal’.

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Net Zero Teesside: The Story So Far

Colin McGill - BP

Net Zero Teesside, the world-first Net Zero clean energy project coming to the Tees Valley, will share an update on its journey towards supporting an economic, social and environmental regeneration of the region.


The project is set to capture up to 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, pioneering essential carbon capture technology to help meet the UK’s climate goals, here in Teesside – building on its existing supply chain capabilities.


After completing the project’s second consultation stage, Project Director and BP’s Colin McGill will present its vision to put Teesside at the forefront of British industry, again. 

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We Are Forever Blowing Bubbles

Andrea Clarke - Enterprise Made Simple (NEEAL Member)

With all of the talk of bubbles, we often haven't realised that these bubbles exist in all of our walks of life.


Utilising those bubbles to come up with ideas is a perfect way to find the solution to the sort of business you should be starting and more to the point, a starting off point to the market research you should be undertaking.


This workshop discusses ways of utilising market research to build upon ideas and opportunities to start a new business or to diversify a current business.


How to Create a 24/7 Customer Lifecycle Marketing Strategy

Darren Winter - Duco Digital

Learn about customer lifecycle marketing which is your customer's journey in relation to your business. 


Learn how to maximise your customers interest, engagement, purchase, and advocacy phases with action points you can easily implement in your business.

Thursday 15th October

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Q&A with Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen

Ben Houchen - Tees Valley Mayor

Delegates will have the opportunity to pose questions on various topics during this live Q&A session with a mix of pre-submitted and live question from the audience.

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Funnelling a Digital Solution to Growing Our Business

Phil Teasdale - Enterprise Made Simple (NEEAL Member)

There used to be a choice about offering a digital solution, this is no longer a choice but a necessity.


There is no business that cannot offer a digital solution to any aspect, whether that is managing and making the most of data, utilising social media and populating a digital sales funnel.


This session will cover a number of digital opportunities and look to inform from a business start, growth and sustainability basis, free methods of digitising a businesses offering for a post Covid world.

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Introducing Tees Valley Business: A new £35million business support service for Tees Valley

Martin Waters  - Tees Valley Business, Tracey Watson - Funding Forum & Geraldine Brown - Tees Valley Combined Authority

Tees Valley Business is a local programme which provides companies in the region with a one-stop shop for a range of support to help businesses start up, grow and create jobs, including comprehensive advice on funding and finance options and assistance in establishing links with potential funding sources.


This session will provide an update on the services being established and the support and funding available.


Established during a period of significant economic challenge the session will also outline the support being provided to businesses during the Covid pandemic and our plans for support during the forthcoming EU exit transition.

Key Speaker

Local Support & News

Tees Valley Combined Authority

Session to be announced :

  • Education, Employment and Skills


Leading your Business Through Change

Sarah Callender - Duo Global Consulting

In these unprecedented times it has never been more important to understand the behavior of your company, yourself and your team.


Find out how businesses can support remote workers and maximise productivity by understanding and managing different behavior within a business.

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Making the most of PR

Peter Ibbetson & Tet Kofi - JournoLink

Learn the ways in which businesses can raise brand profile through effective PR.

Find out how to generate great PR through the use of customer personas, strategic objectives, meaningful massaging and effective brand storytelling. At a time when PR and brand awareness has never been more important, you won't want to miss this.

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Panel - Kickstarting Careers: Making Kickstart & Apprenticeship Grants Work for You

Joanna Wake - RAW Digital Training, Scott Urwin - Baltic Apprenticeships, Shona Duncan - Tees Valley Combined Authority, Paul Robson - DWP

The Government recently launched new Apprenticeship Grants and the Kickstart Scheme, which both aim to create jobs, reduce youth unemployment and give businesses a boost.


This panel discussion will provide a comprehensive introduction to both schemes, addressing the questions potential employers have asked the most. We’ll cover what each scheme does, eligibility & restrictions, and how to decide which scheme is right for your business.


We’ll be sharing insights from local employers and running a live Q&A session. This will be a really valuable session for anyone looking to get a clear picture of what each scheme can offer, and how to make use of available support.

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Brexit, Covid-19, and effectively managing uncertainty as a business owner 

Andrea Reynolds - Swoop

There have been recent government developments  that mean Brexit uncertainty has kicked up a notch, paving the way to a challenging period for business owners as they struggle to prepare for a new trading regime.


So how can your business prepare for the disruption whilst also mitigating the impact of the pandemic?  Join us on October 15th at 12pm for an in-depth session with Swoop CEO Andrea Reynolds on the impact of Brexit, the pandemic, and how companies can effectively equip themselves to better manage this difficult landscape.


A broad range of topics will be discussed, from trading abroad to building cash reserves, giving you the opportunity to raise any questions with Andrea herself.